Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Sophie is absolutely wonderful. She has truly bypassed all of our expectations.  You have trained her so well. She is adjusting beautifully; loves to cuddle and play with her toys, uses her liter box and also goes outside. She now is quiet throughout the night in her crate in the kitchen. She loves chewing on everything and anything.

I think what surprises us the most is how nicely and quickly she adapted. We really can't thank you enough. You do an amazing job

Sherry Lefton

Patch is now MAX. He is the most special dog in the world.  He is the smartest pub we ever had. I will let my daughter know about the dogs available. I think they are going to wait until spring, trying to save extra money. She thinks Patch(MAX) is adorable. Max is very fond of our son too.
Thanks, keep in touch

" Hi Joyce,
Suzette and I got Polly and Chester together to "celebrate" their one year birthday.  Attached are two photos.  Both dogs are doing great.
Polly had her one year check up.  She is 14 pounds.  She received two of four vaccines and was sick for several days we will continue to take it slow when giving her vaccinations.  She is very playful, healthy and happy.  She is sleeping with Matthew and Daisy at night.  
Hope all is well with you, your family and your puppies.
Stacey Jackson "

White Dove